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We have Advanced Instructors for Group Exercise classes. Our Team-teach philosophy will make our classes very engaging for our clients. You do not need to be fit to join in, that’s what we are here for – to help you achieve your goals, feel confident and loving your time with us!

With Cardio, Strength and Flexibility in mind there is a class for all your health, fitness and exercise goals. If working out to great music and fantastic choreography with like-minded people is your thing then this is the club for you.


PUMP is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get leaner and fitter. Using light to moderate weights PUMP gets you working hard and getting results. It will burn calories, lot of them! Our instructors will help you through the whole routine, develop your movement and keep you motivated.  Pump is our most popular studio class because it gets results, quickly, is great fun with some quality tunes!


Combat is a high energy martial arts-inspired, whole body workout that builds superior fitness and core strength. Totally non-contact and with no complex moves to master, COMBAT is incredibly popular with instructors and club members. COMBAT helps take the frustrations of the day away with fast paced kicking and punching to great tunes with great instructors.


FLOW is a yoga-based workout for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility, core strength and sense of wellbeing. For anyone new to yoga, FLOW is a great introduction and it offers variety with the inclusion of Tai Chi and Pilates movements. Flow will improve flexibility, core strength and mobility while improving focus, wellbeing and a sense of calm.


The HIIT is a  30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that deliver incredible fitness results, fast. Every HIIT class works the heart and lungs as well as whole body. There are mixed focuses in each class from the use of barbells and plates to just body-weight.  These classes are designed to challenge you, whatever your fitness level, and are fantastic at burning some of that stubborn weight and toning up the whole body.

Yoga Core

A mat-based workout focusing on strengthening your core, improving posture, balance and co-ordination. A Yoga Core class is adaptable to all fitness levels with lots of alternatives and options to suit everyone in the class. A great class to add to your training regime to ensure your core stays strong.
Benefits of Yoga Core include:
· Helps develop core strength
· Increases flexibility
· Improves sports performance
· Increases muscle endurance
· Increases energy
· Increases pelvic floor strength
· Improves balance and co-ordination


A mat-based class designed to teach you how to engage and strength your core in an effective and safe way. A great class using a range of  techniques to complement any type of training and is suitable for all fitness levels. Very beneficial  for anyone, it helps improve posture, develop control and strength of the deep core muscles.

Benefits of stretch include:
· Increases core and pelvic floor control
· Decreases risk of injury
· Increases range of motion
· Improves posture
· Helps relieve/prevent back pain
· Promotes blood circulation
· Helps relieve stress
· Gives a sense of well being