Wanna Get BIG for SUMMER?

//Wanna Get BIG for SUMMER?

Wanna Get BIG for SUMMER?

Wanna Get BIG for SUMMER?

Here are the top five training methods to maximise your muscular Gainz!!!

#1 Failure is the name of the game!Big muscles, Get bigger, Strength Training, Iron, Fitness, Muscle, Gym, Lossiemouth, Moray, Elgin, Strong,

Going to failure is a must for muscular growth. That doesn’t mean be unsafe, it means carryout each rep and set like it is the last you can do. It means focus on a movement until it is unachievable. The more intensity you bring to a workout the less volume our muscles will be able to withstand.

Many people simply go through the motions, fruitlessly doing 15 or more work sets per body part at less than 70% full intensity.  The simple fact is:

The more work we do beyond what is absolutely necessary to adequately stimulate a target muscle, the longer the body will take to recover and the greater the risk of becoming over trained.

Add to this the relative intensity drop needed to ensure full completion of multiple sets and muscle gains are likely to be in the maintenance zone, at best.

Don’t mistake short workout with effort – intensity brings rapid fatigue and failure. Remember we are talking hypertrophy here not performance related goals. To get big, muscles need to be stimulated in a very specific way and intensity is part of that formula!

#2 Pre-energise!

Nope not pre-workout juice! Some people like it and I’m sure it has its place. I’m talking about being on point mentally for that session.

Sometimes we will lack motivation to the things that need to be done when they have to be done, but being determined to start a workout should see you determined to finish it well. Train your mind to do the hard miles as much as you train your muscles to lift the heavy stuff!

Hydrate & Feed the Beast! Training hard has physiological demands for energy for the body and for the mind to work properly it needs to be hydrated. Make sure you feed and hydrate appropriately before, during and after your workouts!

#3 Limit Rest

Rest outside of the gym is to be encouraged. However, when it’s time to train, taking it easy for extended periods has no place in the training trenches.

When it comes to bodybuilding-style training (getting big), rest is a relative term. Specifically, rest between sets must be used to recover sufficiently for the next set, not to socialize, take selfies or otherwise slack off. And the amount of time needed to sufficiently recover may vary from person to person.

However, to boost training intensity, for superior bodybuilding progress, it’s good to get into the habit of limiting rest wherever possible. In fact, one of the best ways to compound intensity from set to set is to closely monitor our rest periods.

Remember, when bodybuilding (hypertrophy), it’s not always about the amount of weight we are able to lift. It is about the intensity we ultimately generate and the amount of damage we can inflict on a target muscle. By keeping rest periods between a minute and a minute-and- a-half long we go into the next set having to work extra hard to get those all-important reps.

#4 Focus

The gym is no place for playing around. It’s a place of business. It is where serious athletes seek to achieve their objectives in the most efficient manner possible. Thus, it is a place where focus is essential.
True training intensity (where every ounce of effort is channelled into creating maximum muscular overload) simply cannot be achieved without extreme focus. To conjure and sustain a focused mindset, the lifter must enter the gym already psyched up to attack the weights. Indeed, focus is not something that is turned off and on during a workout. It’s there for the full duration, influencing every set and every rep.get bigger, big muscles, Bodybuilding, muscle, gym, weightlifting strength training, lossiemouth, moray, lossie, elgin, Lahra gauld, Jason Fletcher,

But ensuring complete focus is no easy task. Our brains are hardwired to detect and, in turn, respond to myriad environmental stimuli. This is why we are often so easily distracted. Our attention is constantly monitoring our surroundings and responding accordingly. But complete focus can be achieved. And the good news is, like anything else in life the more we practice focusing our attention, the better we become at it.

Due to the fact that it’s a psychological impossibility to focus on two or more things simultaneously, our minds are prone to wandering. Because our minds are designed to focus on one thing at a time, we must, work to extend the amount of time we can concentrate on important tasks.

Once complete focus is applied across the full duration of a heavy set of squats, for example, only then will we know the true meaning of intensity.

Approach each set with the singular mission of completing each rep; feel the muscles working from the first rep to the last; and keep your mind focused on squeezing out every last bit of effort as you seek to conquer the weights.

#5 Recovery (not rest) should be optimised!

Coupled with intense training is the equally important muscle-building mandatory: proper recovery. Full recovery from each of our workouts is crucial if unsurpassed results are to be achieved. Few people are sufficiently well-rested. Thus, few people ever truly reach their full body building potential. Part of the reason for this universal lack of progress is poor training intensity, a problem that can be addressed by following (#1) work to failure.

However, in a typical chicken and egg scenario (two foods all bodybuilders can relate to, incidentally), confusion exists as to what must come first: hard training to justify complete recovery or complete recovery to ensure optimal training intensity?  One without the other is meaningless. Both have their place and both must be given due respect.

Full training intensity in line with a person’s physical and mental capabilities cannot be achieved in an un-rested and semi-depleted state. As well as getting between 8-10 hours’ sleep each night is vital. The single biggest obstacle many face when seeking full recovery is poor nutrition. A healthy diet is essential, so get that right from the start.

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