SFEAR is an all-inclusive Kickboxing Club with our current members ranging from 4 to 64+ years old. The classes are based on the skills and drills of kickboxing, whilst instilling respect, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork, whilst also developing co-ordination, flexibility, speed and a healthy appetite for Kickboxing and Fitness. As well as having a very successful programme SFEAR competes at high level competitions at home and overseas. We currently have 4 World Champions at SFEAR and are extremely proud of all of our fighters.
Our experienced instructors are all medal winners and black belts. They are all registered onto the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and insured through our governing body the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) and Allianz Insurance.

Our classes are separated into age groups as follows:
WARRIORS – 5 to 7 yo
SAMURAI – 7 to 11 yo
TEENS & ADULTS – 12 yo +
KIDS SPARRING – 5 to 11yo

Warriors (5 to 7 years old) is the youngest age group of classes that we run at SFEAR. The classes are based on the skills and drills of kickboxing, whilst instilling respect, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork, whilst also developing Co-ordination, flexibility, Speed and a healthy appetite for Kickboxing and Fitness. The classes are designed to be fun, engaging and structured to ensure your child gets the most out of the sport and more importantly enjoys it. This is a vibrant class with a large range of abilities. The Warriors are tested through a belt system that eventually sees them gain a Junior Black Belt.  We run four Gradings a year with three Tag Tests between each Grading.  The Tag Tests are run during class times and are scheduled into the warrior programme.  The Gradings are run on a Sunday every three months, which gives plenty of time to hone and develop the skills to gain that all important pass.  Tag Tests show how the student is progressing towards their Grading.  Tag Tests are relatively informal and develop confidence leading into the formal Grading.

Samurai (7 to 11 years old) group is a busy group that has kids of all abilities and levels (entry level to black belt) enjoying Freestyle Kickboxing.  The classes are designed to continue the physical drills & skills learnt at a younger age whilst maintaining the ethos of mutual respect, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork.  Samurai also work towards their Black Belt at an advanced level.  Whilst the syllabus is the same as the Teens and Adults, physical ability is taken into consideration during grading as children of a similar age can have quite different levels of development.  Like the Warrior groups we have three Tag Tests and a Grading every three months.  The Tag Tests are run during class time, are fairly informal and develop the confidence of the student leading towards their actual, formal Grading.  Children can join this class at any point within the age range.  The Monday class is for Intermediate/ Advanced Belts, the Friday class is for beginner belts and the Tuesday and Thursday classes are open for all Belts.  The classes are split up to give each level appropriate instruction and supervision whilst maintaining good class sizes. At this age we also start to identify children who can take on the extra responsibility of being part of our SFEAR Leadership Programme (STAR member). This entails leading groups within the classes and helping the instructor deliver the class.  It is a great way to give a child extra responsibility in a safe and controlled environment as they move up through their belts and prepare them for greater challenges ahead.

Teens and Adults Kickboxing is a joint group. We have an age range from 12 years old through to Senior Citizen. We have found that this mix of ages work really well for the group and each student takes a lot from it.  The syllabus is developed using current best practices from WKA and WAKO, as well as having been scrutinised by 3x WAKO World Champion Mieke Tate.  Each class is developed to help students progress through each belt in about three months. Our Black Belt test is run annually, which give students the extra time they need to prepare for this final grading. The Black Belt grading is conducted at the club by an independent assessor of at least 3rd Dan standard and for the last three years this has been done by Mieke.  The Teens and Adults classes are very dynamic and great fun, as both groups progress towards their next belt through respect, physical challenges and development of their techniques, speed, co-ordination and stamina.  There is a wide variety of abilities and grades within these classes and all are welcome.  We encourage all our students to develop at a pace that is right for them. We are conscience that Teens and Adults have study, family and work commitments, therefore, everyone will grade at a different pace.

Only when the kids have the confidence and are ready to start sparring are they allowed to do so. These sessions are heavily supervised and contact is minimal and very light. The emphasis is on combining a number of techniques together in front a moving opponent. The children wear full protection and are taught how to block and counter move as well. This class includes all the Kids classes, but generally will be from 5 to 11.

Adults and Teens get to put all the techniques, skills and drills together. Students learn the differences between and subtleties of fighting in Points and Continuous (light contact) fighting forms. The sessions are well supervised and altered to allow fighters of varying abilities to spar against one another and develop confidence.