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Gym @ FortyFour, Queen Street, LossiemouthThis is the third year of our  Strength & Conditioning Course. Last year we saw all of our clients increase their One rep max in Dead Lift, Squat, Bench Press and Pulls ups by 20-30% over 12 weeks. Its not all about lifting weights though!

Strength has many benefits and is achieved through many different training methods. We also use bodyweight and movement to improve overall control. Having a strong and flexible core allows us to transmit force through the body, improves changes of direction, accuracy and speed. To do this we use a whole series groundwork flows. The added benefit of these is that it strengthens and improves joint health; making you less prone to injury.

Strength doesn’t mean bulk either! Mo Farah lifts weights and practices power lifting! He uses a tailored approach to his sport. That’s what we do for every individual on this course.

Improving strength requires patience and consistency. The programme is run over three months. You are introduced to each session so that you can work on the programme at home or with us in our supervised sessions. We use a Facebook closed group to discuss the programme, improve knowledge, diet, social and to reach out to the more remote group members.

Gym @ FortyFour, Queen Street, LossiemouthThe course is run through a number of phases. The first phase is based on testing, and understanding where you are at, physically and mentally. It also starts to get you used to the exercise movements and session formats. After this phase we really do start to focus on strength development, whilst having that watchful eye on form and your specific goal. During this phase we really get to know you understand what motivates you. We develop the last phase based on your movement and cardiovascular requirements and finish off the strength elements. We try hard to establish a report with each client so that you can get the most out of the programme. By doing this we keep you on track, listen and adapt the programme to your need.

You will get as part of the programme;
Start & Finish Testing
12 Weeks of programming based on your goals
Nutritional advice
Minimum of 2 supervised sessions per week
Online and social media support

Want to know more contact the trainers at info@fortyfour.scot or message us on FB – FORTY FOUR